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Hi and welcome to my website.


Here you will find my music, video performances, links to my bands, my book store and free guitar lessons I have put up over the years on You Tube.


My aim here is also to provide a general resource for my students. In the links section there are useful resources such as an online metronome and a guitar tuner. If you go to the Book Store menu I have an Amazon store containing all the grade books, method books and general guitar accessories.


I teach both the Rockschool & RGT syllabus for electric guitar and bass, Trinity Guildhall for classical and RGT for steel string acoustic. If you look at the Videos menu you will see some demonstrations of this material plus a useful Amazon link to the related book.


I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions







Based on a series of articles I wrote over a 2 year period for Acoustic magazine in the UK, this package shows a modern approach to fingerstyle guitar. A variety of genres are covered including Pop, Latin Jazz, Folk, Blues & Country. An essential guide to modern fingerstyle guitar


In the package:


A PDF book with the entire course + 2 bonus chapters not featured in the original magazine articles.

Individual MP3 audio files of every example

Individual Guitar Pro 6 files of every example


Topics Covered


How to practice

Commonly used techniques and patterns

How to write simple instrumental pieces

Creating your own patterns

Commonly used song writing concepts and chord voicings


File size 52.6 MB


A Guide To Fingerstyle Guitar

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Dark Water - Video & PDF Booklet

In the download:


•An MP4 video lesson with over 30 minutes instruction breaking down each section.

Performances at both at full and slow tempos


PDF book with a fingerstyle introductory lesson

Performance tips

The piece in both notation and guitar tablature.


•MP3 audio files with the piece at both full and slow tempos


•Download size - 687 MB





Learn to play and create solos like one of the greats. Included in the download:


An mp4 video lesson filmed in 720HD breaking down Alan’s approach to soloing including:


Whammy bar techniques, double stop licks, scale choices, triad & arpeggio infused licks and a sample solo performed at full and slow speed with scrolling tab.


A PDF booklet with all the examples and the solo presented in both music and tab notation.


MP3 tracks at 256 kps: the solos at full and slow speeds, the backing tracks at both speeds and an extended backing track to jam over.

Solo In The Style Of Alan Murphy

Funk Guitar Primer

! hour 30 minutes of mp4 video lesson filmed in 720HD breaking down the fundamental techniques used in Funk.


Audio MP3 tracks

• Jam Track 1 - Drums & Bass in A

• Jam Track 2 - Drums & Bass in E

• Jam Track 3 - Drums, Keys & Bass in A minor

• ‘Cherry Bomb’ Backing - The main demo track minus guitar.

• Drum loops at 60, 80,100 & 120 bpm for general practice.


Topics covered in the PDF booklet:

•Basic strumming technique

•The 16th note groove

•Popular groove patterns

•Bubble picking

•Sliding chords


•Full transcription of the ‘Cherry Bomb’ demo


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